After years of partnering with our clients to apply root cause analysis, the worldwide team of trainers, facilitators and investigators from Apollo Associated Services set out to make the most significant improvements the field of RCA has seen in years. Above all, we aimed to help RCA practitioners:

  • More confidently and successfully use their training.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of cause and effect.
  • Solve and prevent costly problems, and reduce risk.

We unveiled the results in December of 2011:

  • A more intuitive, practical, logical and effective root cause analysis method.
  • Training offerings that deliver progressive levels of competency from Participant to Facilitator to Master Facilitator to Lead Investigator.
  • The only Root Cause Analysis software on the market that clearly displays 50-plus causes in an 8.5x11” active workspace, PDF and printout (including to a plotter), and that is compatible with current IT architectures.
  • Cost-effective e-learning that meets the highest industry standards.
AND a new name: Sologic!

Apollo Associated Services is now Sologic.  But we're the same experienced and dedicated team you know and trust.
Apollo Associated Services is now Sologic.

But we're the same worldwide organization you know and trust. And we’re committed to responsive customer service, and a continuous feedback and improvement loop. So you can explore our new offerings, you will be rerouted to the new Sologic website in 20 seconds. If you are not rerouted, click here to go to www.sologic.com.

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